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James W. Greer, President & CEO of AE21 Online

James W. Greer, CPCU
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Welcome to AE21 Online for Florida Public Adjusters!
The online curriculum you are exploring is the product of three generations and more than 50 years of claims professionalism and a passionate belief in the role of claims adjusters in the insurance industry and our society, and an acknowledgment of the dynamics of continuous learning in our changing world. As insurance carriers, claims administrators and the adjusting profession continue to evolve, it is vital that they not forget the “best claims practices” that carried the claims industry through its first century, and dedicate ourselves to ensuring fair and equitable claims practices to the consumers and businesses of America.  Much of this responsibility falls upon you, the public adjusters that represent our nation’s consumers.

Because of our belief in the importance of effective and ethical claims practices, we have dedicated ourselves to the training, continuing education and professional development of each new claims generation...on both sides of the playing field..

Property Insurance Claims Adjusting

At AE21 Online we offer online claims adjuster and public adjuster training and professional development through AE21 Incorporated, where we focus on the development of claim skills needed to achieve maximum performance in today’s dynamic claims environment.  The training and development of our nation’s public adjusters is just as important as it is for company and independent adjusters.  Knowledgeable, skilled public adjusters provide a necessary balance of interests in our nation’s property insurance industry, and incompetent public adjuster unnecessarily delay appropriate, fair claim resolution.  It is important that all adjusters understand how to properly inspect, evaluate and resolve claims to the satisfaction of both insured and insurer.

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Our “Defining Difference”
What makes us so different from other training and continuing education providers?  We’re not just in it for the money.  In fact, if money were our sole objective, we would be doing something else!  What makes AE21’s training programs different is our commitment to the professional development of today’s adjusting and claims management community.  Quite simply, it is what and who we are.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive licensing, training and continuing education programs -- programs that have proven successful for more than a decade through our propriety are claims curriculum, “The Making of a Claims Professional®”.  Now anyone, anywhere, can benefit from generations of experience in adjuster training and professional development through access to real-world training in the claims practices that have shaped the best the insurance industry has to offer.  The courses are interesting, relevant, and have been developed in an effective, user-friendly format.

Vastly superior to any other online learning management system available on the market today, our interactive, reinforced-learning process ensures maximum understanding and retention that will have an immediate and positive impact on each student’s level of knowledge and skill-set. Nowhere in the industry will you find a more technically appropriate, cost-effective and convenient learning experience for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in the world of first party property insurance claims.  Take a moment and read some testimonials!

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