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The AE21 Online “Reinforced-Learning” Process

The AE21 “reinforced-learning” process is a propriety method of combining education, interaction, application and reinforcement to produce and interesting an enjoyable learning experience that helps produce some of the best adjusters.

Most training and education programs, at least in the insurance industry, produce reams of policy language and insurance jargon, most of which is written in complex terms understood only after years of assimilation, legal education or practice.  Rarely are the courses “tailored” for real-world application in the area of claims practice.

Florida Public Adjuster

AE21’s courses take the learner through real-world application, as if he/she were actually on the job, combining conversational language, “bite-size” concepts and issues, and the Harvard Business School “case study” methodology with “reinforced learning”...

The effectiveness of reinforced learning is surpassed only by its simplicity.  After two, three or four pages -- or ten to fifteen minutes of content absorption, the student is presented with a period of interactive inquiry and challenge questions that present either test one’s knowledge or understanding, or one’s ability to apply concepts to factual scenarios. 

The reinforced learning process is NOT about memorization.  Memorization principles, such as those upon which most state adjuster licensing courses are based and which are provided by such exam vendors as Prometric and Pearson Vue, do nothing to prepare one for practice in the profession.  Like the all night “cram” sessions that students experience in high school and college, most “memorized” knowledge disappears within 24-48 hours after the exam.

AE21’s reinforced learning process allows students are allowed to “research” issues presented by the knowledge and application challenge questions.  This practice, just like life experience, infuses the information in the brain for understanding and recall at a later date, and application to real-world claim scenarios.

In the end, the learning process is interesting, effective and enjoyable, and students finish the course with the knowledge, ability and confidence to tackle the world of claims.

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