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Florida Continuing Education FAQ’s

SB 2012 was passed in the 2008 Legislative session. Effective Oct. 1, 2008 the following law went into effect:

Florida Statute 626.869 License, adjusters; continuing education.--
(4)(b) Any individual holding a license as a public adjuster for 24 consecutive months or longer, beginning in his or her birth month and every 2 years thereafter, must have completed 24 hours of courses, 2 hours of which relate to ethics, in subjects designed to inform the licensee regarding the current laws of this state pertaining to all lines of insurance other than life and annuities, the current laws of this state pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of public adjusters as set forth in this part, and the current rules of the department applicable to public adjusters and standard or representative policy forms used by insurers, other than forms for life insurance and annuities, so as to enable him or her to engage in business as an adjuster fairly and without injury to the public and to adjust all claims in accordance with the policy or contract and laws of this state. In order to receive credit for continuing education courses, public adjusters must take courses that are specifically designed for public adjusters and approved by the department, provided, however, no continuing education course shall be required for public adjusters for workers' compensation insurance or health insurance.

What This Means to Resident Public Adjusters?
The new Public Adjuster Course Authorities are: 

  • 3-20a  Public Adjuster Law and Policy
  • 3-20b  Public Adjuster Ethics
  • 3-20c  Public Adjuster Optional

Any public adjuster whose compliance period ends on or after October 1st, 2010 will only receive credit for Public Adjuster-specific courses.  However...

Any adjuster whose compliance period ends prior to October 1, 2010 will receive credit for both
company/independent adjuster (3-24a, b, &c) and public adjuster courses (3-20a, b & c).”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who must take continuing education units?
All Florida-licensed adjusters, regardless of license type or claim practice. This means W/C, Auto, Property, General Liability, Marine, Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, and Public Adjusters.

It makes no difference if you have a 524, 624, 520, 620, or the Public Adjuster 320-license, the requirement exists.

2. Does it matter what kind of adjuster’s license I have?  Do continuing education requirements differ?
Only for public adjusters.  Public adjusters must secure “public adjuster specific” CE.  All other types of adjusters can get credit for any kind of adjuster CE course, as long as they are of the required types and number per category.  For more information on your Florida CE requirements, click here.

3. What is Florida’s Public Adjuster CE requirement?
Every two year compliance period, all Florida public adjusters must secure the following:

  • Law CE - 10 Hours
  • Ethics CE - 2 Hours
  • Optional CE - 12 Hours

Once you have fulfilled your required law and ethic hours, any excess hours in those categories will convert to optional hours.

*A course can only be taken once in a three year period.  Each course has it own unique course number.  Check course numbers to make sure you do not duplicate a course.

*Important! DON'T DUPLICATE YOUR EFFORTS by repeating a course you've already taken! Florida DFS only allows a course to be taken once in a three year period. Review your CE transcript by visiting My Profile on the Florida DFS website. Compare the course number to make sure that you haven't previously taken the course in the past 3 years. And don't focus on the course title! It's the course number that counts. If you're still not sure, call us first at (800) 820-4550. Your time is valuable. Don't waste it taking a course that will not count towards your current CE compliance period!

4. Has there been any any other change to the Public Adjuster continuing education requirement?  When is it due?
There is no other change to the Public Adjuster CE requirement.  Continuing education is due every 2 years.  Each two year period is referred to as a “Compliance Period”.  Your first compliance period begins on the first day of the month following your first birthday after you secure your license.  Thereafter, your continuing education requirement is due by the last day of your birth month every two years.  You can check your continuing education requirement by going to http://www.myfloridacfo.com/agents and logging in to My Profile.  Contact AE21 Online (800-820-4550) if you have questions or need assistance regarding your requirement. 

5. What is my compliance period?
As stated in FAQ #4, your first compliance period begins on the first day of the month following your first birthday after you secure your license.  Thereafter, your continuing education requirement is due by the last day of your birth month every two years.

6. How can I request a copy of my credits on file or get a copy of my CEU transcript?
Your complete transcript is readily available to you via “My Profile”.  Click on the following link and bookmark the web page for ready access.

7. What happens if I am not in compliance? Can I get an extension?
Contact the Department of Financial Services/Bureau of Licensing at 1-850-922-3137 (Ext. 1101) for assistance.

8. How do I change my address with the Department of Financial Services?
This information can only be changed online through “My Profile”.  Go here to make all changes to name, address, e-mail address, etc.

*Note: Effective immediately, Florida Rule requires that all licensees provide, through “My Profile”, a valid e-mail address.
All licensees are advised to promptly update their profiles, mailing addresses, and e-mail address immediately to avoid penalty

9. How do I change my name on my adjuster license to my married name?
Go to “My Profile” and make the change.  Please do not sign in at any AE21-certified classes or seminars with your married name until your name change has been made, or your CE credits will not process.

*For more Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education, direct from the Florida Department of Financial Services, click here.

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